Client Reviews

"Some of us came in very sceptical but you rectified that pretty quickly.  You have such a good way with people and sharing all of your Mindfulness knowledge.  Thanks so much Cas!"


"Just had a Reiki session and massage with Casca.  I highly recommend her.  From the moment I walked into her Tranquil Garden, I felt totally at peace, and enjoyed every moment of my treatment."



"Casca, I am now feeling at peace with everything.  Having regular Reiki treatments, with the odd massage has relaxed me and helped me with my pain management.  I now know that whenever we are scheduled to meet, I can be assured that I will recieve nothing but love, healing and guidance."



"Today, Casca not only helped me with a few grouding execises but has also taught me some valuable Mindfulness techniques.  Thank you muchly, Casca!!!"


"Had such a lovely MIndfulness session today, it made so much sense and I came away with a clearer mind and feeling more positive and relaxed.  Can't wait to go back.  Thank you Casca."


"I have just recieved the most amazing massage and Reiki session.  Thank you for guidance on breathing exercises as my anxiety is at an all time high right now.  Thank you so much Casca, you truly have the most amazing gift.  Love you always.


"Casca, I came to you with a few problems and you have helped me put everything into perspective and move forward.  My Reiki and Aromatherapy massage has sorted my neck and back right out.  Thank you so much.  I can't wait for my follow up appointment of Reiki and a massage."


"Where do I start?  I guess , thank you.  I did not know anything about Reiki until I met you and now I have realised how much it has helped me with my stress and stomach issues.  Thank you for the love and thank you for the healing."


"Casca, you have helped me on so many levels.  Thank you.  Alternative healing and medicine is the way forward."



"Thank you for our group Mindfulness session, we have all walked away in awe of what you do.  Cannot wait till the next one.... Zentagles... I think it is!"


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