Mindfulness is the awareness of our thoughts and how to stop them impacting negatively on our wellbeing.   It involves observing our thoughts and then noticing how we react to those thoughts.  By teaching young people Mindfulness, we are empowering them to choose thoughts that serve their higher good.  It gives children the opportunity to live from a deeper and more authentic place inside, providing, compassion, peace and appreciation for the natural world around them.


What are the benefits of practicing Mindfulness?


  • Mindfulness helps us to see infinite possibilities in every situation and gives us the opportunity to interact in healthier ways, rather than through conditioned responses.
  • It is a practice that develops our ability to interact with an open heart, improving our ability to listen compassionately.
  • Mindfulness helps us to step out of the stories we create that cause us fear and worry.
  • Mindfulness develops our ability to remain centered and respond from the quiet, sacred place within.

Mindfulness for Children and Teens

I have spent the last five and a half years conducting both primary and secondary research on the impact of teaching Mindfulness to both children and teenagers.  It has also been very effective in my practice when working with challenging behaviour, past traumas, learning barriers, including ADHD as well as achievement.  I have found that Mindfulness supports my own wellbeing positively and has allowed me as an educator to have a more mindful approach to my teaching styles and classroom management. It has also emphasised the importance of model behavior. 


Having years of experience as a holistic therapist and teacher means that I am able to confidently demonstrate an alternative approach to supporting and educating young people.  Having reaped the benefits of Mindfulness for more than twenty years, I decided to gain full certification as a Mindfulness NOW practitioner.  This allows me to share my knowledge with young people and equip them with life skills on how to manage their own mental health.  My aim is to encourage people from all age groups, including parents, carers and teaching staff, to take ownership of their mental, physical and spiritual health, all of equal importance.  It is crucial that we encourage young people to honour their emotions and that it is ok to “feel.” We spend too much time depressing the past and feeling anxious about the future.  Magic happens in the present moment and this is how we can truly start to live our truth. The only way we are ever going tackle the increasing rise in mental health issues and stress related illnesses is by being more present.

Mindfulness techniques have been around for thousands of years.  They have been used by Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims, Christians all aound the world beginning in ancient times right up to modern times.

Mindfulness does not conflict with any religious beliefs or traditions.  It is simply a practical way to notice our thoughts, feelings and emotions.  The actual skills are simple to learn but as it is very different to how our minds usually work, it does require a lot of practice.

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